When it comes to SUVs that possess high-performance capability, the 2019 Ford Edge ST falls directly under this specific category. This vehicle is well-equipped to handle the highway's most intricate designs as well as handle the highway's most hazardous obstacles.

With intelligent all-wheel drive, the 2019 Ford Edge ST will utilize every ounce of grip to spike the road. This means that each wheel will be provided with tremendous amounts of traction when traction is lost. On top of that, this vehicle has a low center of gravity, which comes in handy when tackling tight curves. Unlike other sport SUVs, this SUV won't tip over. Edge ST's instrument cluster is very dynamic with its vivacious illuminations. You can easily keep track of what the vehicle is doing at all times. There's also sport seats in the front that displays the ST signature.

All interested consumers are urged to stop by our showroom today for a full-tour of this magnificent machine.



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